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Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith,
Professor emeritus
California State University, Sacramento, California, USA
Professor emeritus at CSU, Sacramento, where she ran the graduate TESOL Program, Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith is lead designer of the Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive and pedagogical consultant for Live Action English Interactive She wrote Constructing the Paragraph, a tutorial for composition, (free online). On the Coordination Team of the Electronic Village Online, she is a past chair of TESOL's CALL IS. Author of many articles on CALL pedagogy, her books include Learning Languages through Technology (co-edited with Sarah Rilling, 2007) and CALL Environments, 2nd ed., (co-edited with Joy Egbert, 2007), both available from TESOL Publications. Her Website, Computers for Education, and blogoffer many free resources for teachers. She has belonged to Webheads in Action since 2002.
Homepage: Computers for Education Blog: Virtual=Real
Email: ehansonsmi @
Barbara Dieu
São Paulo, Brazil
Bee is presently on a sabbatical from the Franco-Brazilian secondary school where she has been preparing students for the French Baccalaureat since 1983. She has been in ELT and education since 1974 (in the classroom) and since 1997 increasingly online, networking, keynoting, planning, organizing and facilitating workshops /collaborative projects worldwide. She has published /presented nationally and internationally.
An active member of several associations and communities of practice, among which Tesol, Braztesol, WiA, Merlot, Hornby CL, Práxis, and T.A.L.O, she is presently Braztesol EduTechSIG Coordinator and also serving on the 2008-9 NMC Horizon Project Advisory Board.
Erika Cruvinel
Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasília, Brazil
Erika Cruvinel works for Casa Thomas Jefferson as a teacher, a teacher trainer, a CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) tutor, a computer lab monitor, an online instructor and a website content manager. She has given presentations in workshops and seminars about the potential of technology integration into language learning and is especially interested in the uses of tech-applications to develop collaborative projects among different countries.
skype id: erikacruvinel
Ronaldo Lima Jr.
Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasília, Brazil
Ronaldo Lima Jr works for Casa Thomas Jefferson as a teacher, a teacher trainer, a CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) tutor, a computer lab monitor, an online instructor and a website content manager. He is also an Applied Linguisitcs graduate student whose main interests are learning strategies, pronunciation teaching and technology-enhanced language teaching.
skype id: ronaldo.lima.junior
Cristina Costa
University of Salford, UK
Cristina Costa is an EFL teacher, currently working at the University of Salford as a Learning Technologies development Officer. She’s a member of the webheads in Action, and an active member of many other communities and networks (including Connecting Online. Blogging for Educators, and Learning with Computers. She is also a co-founder of the open-community EVOLVE)
Asociacion Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa, Rosario, Argentina
EFL teacher, Area Manager for Multimedia and Advanced Courses at ARCI, Argentina.
CALL SIG Coordinator for the local Association of Teachers of English.
Cambridge Oral Examiner.
CALL Consultant.
Member of Webheads in Action since 2002.
Presenter in various f2f and online seminars and Congresses --both locally and abroad-- of topics related with the Internet and its integration into Language Learning.
Her 2008 classblog and her wiki include project work with EFL teachers and students from different countries in the world.
Personal page here.
Yahoo M. and Skype IDs: ritazeinstejer
Sus Nyrop, Denmark

Free lance education community research and development, working from my home office
Susanne Nyrop is an education researcher with a special interest in multimedia, communication and online narratives of communities of practice. She works part time for the Danish ministry of education as an appointed, external examiner of bachelor exams at university colleges of social education. Sus Nyrop has followed Webheads in Action since 2001, as an active participant in multiple guest teacher sessions, online conferences and workshops. Although she is not a CALL language teacher, her frequent contacts and ongoing collaboration with such teachers has given her a good deal of practical, hands-on knowledge of this field.